ADE eHouse

This section of our website will be documenting the building of an ADE Design Build custom home from beginning to completion.

The property is located in Maine on a four acre tract of land.

By this point we had determined home design plans, arranged subcontractor estimates, arranged contracts, done feasibility studies, aquired the neccessary town permits, and are now in the process of land development.

This is a look at the land that we will be building on just after we completed the intial clearing of the land.

This generally equates to creating a space approximately 40 feet around the area the house will stand on and creating any driveways/roads that will be required. This allows construction equipment and the building to take place. After the house is built ADE's landscape professionals will determine the setting of trees for landscaping and views from inside and outside the structure with privacy being a key factor in this decision making process.